About Skansen your home - Qeqertarsuaq

About Skansen your home - Qeqertarsuaq

Family owned guesthouse in beautiful and peaceful natural surroundings on Disko Island, close to the black sand with views towards the cormorant mountains and the sea.

General information
Booking and further information can be obtained by e-mail via:
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Public transport
By air connection – airgreenland.com / diskoline.gl in winter months from November to April.Ship: – www.diskoline.gl May – April By private boat – June – July – August.

Ownership GER 35218106 Arkaluk & Linda G. Osterman, Upernavikvej B 756, 3953 Qeqertarsuaq, tel 00299 58 36 45

Linda og Arkaluk
Linda og Arkaluk Ostermann